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Fogging Disinfectant Services for COVID-19 New York, NY

G-Net Disinfectant Services provides a fogging disinfectant for COVID-19 in the New York City Metropolitan area. We are trained contractors and a certified applicator of Anasphere Plus, a fogging disinfectant that meets the EPA List N: Criteria for eradicating COVID-19 or the coronavirus. We serve the New York Metropolitan area, Westchester County, Nassau County, and Union and Middlesex Counties in NJ. Our team is highly trained, certified, experienced and dedicated to the best possible customer service.

Immediate Disinfection Services

The nature of the coronavirus outbreak has created a need for crisis management and immediate disinfection for many businesses and residential services for seniors and the disabled. G-Net specializes in 24-hour emergency services for disinfecting to accommodate situations where there is an emergency or dislocation of residents due to a positive case. We can work with you to relocate both infected and non-infected individuals, disinfect the home or building and return non-infected residents safely.

We have provided services to many group homes and facilities for intellectually and developmentally disabled residents to prevent the relocation of a vulnerable population during this crisis. Our fogging disinfection services allow these organizations to relocate infected residents without disrupting the residents and staff of the entire facility.

Restoring A Safe Environment: Back to Business Services

G-Net can disinfect your business or building so that you can welcome back clients and customers with confidence. It will be highly beneficial to your re-opening efforts to be able to advertise that your business or space has been disinfected and will continue to be treated routinely to protect them.

Ongoing Disinfection for COVID-19

It is now understood that the COVID-19 virus will be a recurring healthcare concern until a vaccine is discovered and implemented world-wide. Vulnerable populations and those considered at greater risk for hospitalization will continue to be concerned for their health and safety when business begins to return to normal.

G-Net can provide ongoing disinfection services for your business or facility to help prevent the spread of infection. Peace of mind that surfaces are being continually disinfected can help your business to re-open and thrive in an environment that is as safe as possible.

What type of preparation is needed before the fogging disinfection process?

Our team will provide specific details in writing before the application of the fogging disinfectant for your review. It is important to note that no people or animals of any kind (including fish in tanks) are to be present in areas to be treated. HVAC is to be turned off during application and all electronics are to be covered in plastic sheeting for protection.

How long is the area to be vacated after treatment?

G-Net requires that treated areas be vacated for a minimum of 2 hours after the fogging process is completed. This ensures the safety of persons re-entering and allows time for the disinfection process on surfaces to complete. Our team provides the highest level of customer service for all clients and works with you to address concerns or issues that may arise in the coordination of your fogging disinfection.

How long does the disinfection of COVID-19 last?

The fogging disinfection process can provide a permanent result if no further contamination occurs. For most spaces, this is unlikely as people and objects can carry the virus in after completion. We offer ongoing disinfection of COVID-19 for high-traffic areas and public spaces or buildings. This can include hallways in offices and hotels, gyms, childcare centers and retail stores where there is a constant flow of people and products potentially contaminating areas and surfaces.